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Ant Control – how to get rid of ants inside

Ant control is the most difficult and annoying task. There are two types of ants, one that are lives inside the house and other that build their colonies outside the house. To get rid of ants for both indoors and outdoors you need different strategies that are going to use for different types ants. Ant control is a challenging process, without proper knowledge or strategies you can’t control over them. If you want to control ants effectively, first you must need to identify their nests. This will help you to find which way they are coming inside the house. To destroy the entire colony you have to kill the queen first. So you have to fight until you have found their queen and kill it. This is the best method to destroy entire colony in both inside and outside the house.


Ants that are live outside the house generally invade your house in searching for food and water. To get rid of ants inside you must sealed all the corners, windows, doors, so they are not able to find any way to get inside the house. Wipe out all the food waste, clean your kitchen regularly, foodstuff must be airtight. Clean your walls, tiles & floors with proper effective insecticide to clear out chemicals left by ants to track back to the food source.

The ants that are reside inside your house, they are all linked with one another colonies of their own kind. Usually what they do, they invade your houses, kitchen searching for foods and leave a chemical scent to track to back to their nests. So scout ants can trails to the food sources and bring their foods to their nest. You can identify their nests, when they carry foods to their nests. After finding their nests, you can use bait or insecticides to destroy their colonies inside your house. Place the baits in that area where the workers of their nests generally feed and collect foods for their colonies. They collect those ant bait and take back to their nests and feed it to their queen and other colony members. This way you can destroy all the colonies of ants that are reside inside your house. Ants bait may take 1-2 week to destroy the entire colony, but it will effect for sure. There so many insecticides and pesticides are available in the market that also works over them. Also you can use ant killer spray to destroy all the colonies of ants including the queen.

Once the ant control is effectively done, it is recommended to continue the treatment outside the house also to make sure that there are none left to come inside your house again.

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